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Step #1 – Functionality & Focal Point

First thing you have to consider when arranging a space is its function. And in order to find the best layout for the good functionality of your space, you need to define its focal point.

Step #2 – Proportions and scale

After having your „wish-list” with the items you really want to have in your room, you’ll need to sketch the 2D space plan.

Step #3 – Balance

There are three types of visual balance that you can use in your home design: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial.

Step #4 – Contrast, Rhythm & Progression

Using contrast you’ll bring the element of surprise and avoid the monotony when designing your home. 

Step #5 – Light

There are 3 types of light that you should use when you want to decorate your home:
Ambiental or General Light – provides complete lighting of a room at a comfortable level of brightness
Task light – provides enough illumination to help you undertake specific tasks
Accent light – offers a direct light, which highlights only a certain element of that room

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