E-DESIGN SERVICES FOR BUSY WOMEN WHO WANT TO avoid costly mistakes​ when decorating their home

I help busy ladies, like you, save hours of work and frustration
by turning their personality into a one-of-a-kind home style in two weeks flat.

Let's be honest for a second
You’re dreaming of a cozy and stylish home, but you have no idea where to start or how long it will take, right?
Moreover, you’re trying to choose everything by yourself and it’s so hard to figure out if all that cool stuff you have in your shopping cart will fit your room, style, or budget.
Well, the solution is simple.
You can either waste all your time on Pinterest, with a whole box of ice cream in front of you, thinking if you should research home design, fasting diets, or home fitness classes.
Or you hire me.

I'll take your stress away and find everything you need within your budget in two weeks flat.
Plus, I'll show you your home's potential and make your shopping easier.

No more costly mistakes for you, my dear!

Then you can decide whether ice cream is still appropriate.

Hey there,
Busy Lady!

I'm Alexandra.

Your color-fascinated home design soulmate behind Qolorista.

Finding the perfect design can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You should be spending your time with your family, not browsing millions of Pinterest boards. After all, design is not your day-to-day job; your life and family are.

That’s where I come in. 

I’ll use my magical skills and turn your vision & style into a beautiful and functional design in two weeks flat. That’s how you’ll know for sure that all the fabulous stuff you’ll buy will perfectly fit your space and budget.

Ready to take designing your home off your to-do list?

my E-design process is so easy!

There are only 4 simple steps to your dream home

Step 1:

Let's have a free 20 min consult-call to make sure we're a good fit for each other. After deciding on the best setting for your room I'll send you the payment link together with your Welcome Pack.

Step 2:

You have homework to do: answer the design questionnaire, measure, photograph your room and send all these details to me. No worries, you'll have instructions in the Welcome Pack.

Step 3:
Design & refine

And here is my master zone. I’ll get to work on all my magical design skills and bring your dream home to life. Besides, we'll refine the concept together. You have a glass of wine, sit back and relax!

Step 4:
It's Done

Hooray, it’s Shopping Day!
Your final design package is here. In less than 14 days, you will get a complete set of decorating goodies to start your room makeover
at your own pace.

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Oh, Honey, you're in luck today!
I’ll help you avoid costly mistakes with
my fabulous E-Design SERVICES.

Just pick one!

I desperately need inspiration

My darling, you’re in the right spot!
Have a glass of wine and a sneak peek
in my projects PORTFOLIO.

Take a look!

You deserve a home where you can live your extraordinary life to the fullest.

One that gets your family excited to spend more time together.

Say "YES!" to your refreshed home!


"Life without a pet is possible but pointless."

I am a proud mom of two stray cats, saved from the street when each of them was very little. These are two lucky cats that are part of our family now, but not many are as fortunate as they are.

I believe in making a better world and a good life for stray animals, too. That’s why my purpose is to help non-profit organizations dedicated to saving stray animals by redirecting a monthly donation of 5% of my proceeds.

When you decide to work with me and transform your home into your sanctuary, you will also enrich stray cats and dogs' lives by helping create a warm shelter for them.

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